A Novel Approach to Science

Cancer Kinase

Chemical Genomics Approach

Jasco Pharma’s Chemical Genomics Approach allows nature to identify the best match of novel small molecule kinase inhibitors with a specific biological effect by screening across a panel of oncology relevant targets. The chemical series, identified from screening the kinase biased collection, with demonstrated potent and selective inhibition of a specific kinase are then prioritized for hit-to-lead optimization through high speed medicinal chemistry methods. Rapid parallel optimization of potency, selectivity, solubility and ADME is driven by multiple cycles of medicinal chemistry re-designs and biological evaluation. Promising compounds are quickly moved into animal PK and efficacy models to validate the correlation of the specific kinase inhibition with a positive effect in animals.

Natural Product Based Templates

Jasco Pharma’s Natural Product Based Templates provide a functionally dense chemical scaffold with stereochemical diversity and known pharmacological effects, which are then adapted to a high speed medicinal chemistry approach. This natural scaffold is chemically modified and then further elaborated providing focused sets of natural product analogs predestined by nature to produce a biological effect. This strategy allows active natural product based molecules to be more effectively optimized using established chemistry.